Stop Obama's HUD plan to resettle millions of illegal immigrants in your community!

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Stop Obama's HUD plan to resettle millions of illegal immigrants in your community!

Last September, the National Council of La Raza issued comments in favor of a Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) regulation, “Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing.”

Under the regulation, in October the Obama administration will be empowered to condition eligibility for community development block grants on redrawing zoning maps to create evenly distributed neighborhoods based on racial composition and income.

In 2012, HUD dispersed about $3.8 billion of these grants to almost 1,200 municipalities.

According to La Raza’s comment in favor of the regulation, “Hispanic families often do not know their housing rights and have cited fear of deportation as reason for not reporting rights violations.” By La Raza’s own analysis, then, HUD implementation of the racial rezoning rule will benefit those who “have cited fear of deportation” — that is, low-skilled, low-income illegal immigrants, either those who were outright illegal the moment they set foot in the U.S. or who have simply overstayed their visas. After all, who else would fear deportation?

Therefore, one of the sure effects of HUD’s regime will be to flood unwilling communities with a significant percentage of illegal immigrants.

Fortunately, the House of Representatives has already acted, passing an amendment to the Transportation and HUD appropriations bill by Rep. Paul Gosar (R-Ariz) in a close 219 to 207 vote to defund implementation of the regulation. Now, the bill moves to the Senate, where Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) has championed the cause, proposing the same amendment to the Transportation and HUD appropriations bill.

You know what to do! Let’s urge the U.S. Senate to adopt the Lee amendment to stop this radical illegal immigrant resettlement plan by Obama and HUD. It's time to stop this insanity!

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This law is a violation of the 10th Amendment and therefore a violation of every politicians Oath of Office to defend the Constitution.
Enough is enough. Our gov is giving a better deal to illegals than it gives to citizens. The Feds are creating a 2 tiered society where illegals get to blatantly violate the law and get rewarded for it, while US citizens are required to follow the laws and pay for the privilege of having illegals trample on their rights. This is not about immigration. This is about Obama changing the electorate of the country by importing millions of people who will become dependents and vote for Democrats all the while complaining about income inequality. It is truly disgusting.
You refuse to help American citizens who are homeless and give them HIUD housing, but you expect Americans citizens to fund illegals in HUD housing ? These kind of actions shows how much the government are bias and hypocrites.

Place the illegals in FEMA camps and give the Homeless American citizens HUD housing.
This administration in ruining this country, it seems like each day there is a new assault to our rights and freedom..
this administration keeps creating there socialistic/ big gov't at the expense of our rights and freedoms, Americans need to stand together and stop this blatant destruction of our constitution and way of life
Why can't all states issue a potition for all states sue the government for not enforeing the existing federal immigration laws
Enough of this. We the People need to take our country back and quit bending over backwards for others. When will We come first?