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You've read the memo. In 2016, Obama era senior intelligence and Justice Department officials utilized illegal spying against the Trump campaign, knowingly using DNC and Clinton campaign-generated materials to obtain secret FISA court warrants. Now, let's tell Congress to say never again.

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Dear U.S. Senators and U.S. Representative and the President:

In 2016, Obama era senior intelligence and Justice Department officials utilized illegal spying against the Trump campaign, the opposition party at the time, knowingly using DNC and Clinton campaign-generated materials to obtain secret FISA warrants to interfere with the election and provide an "insurance policy" against a Trump presidency with the false allegations of Trump-Russia collusion on the DNC hack, all the while hiding the political origins of these lies from the FISA court.

Then, after Trump won, the investigation was carried over into 2017 with the goal of overturning the result.

Every American whether they are liberal or conservative must stand united against this unacceptable politicization of the intelligence agencies and federal bureaucracy, which subverts the Constitution, the will of the electorate and therefore the consent of the governed.

Former FBI Director James Comey testified last year that the dossier was ‘salacious and unverified.’ Former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe testified that about the only thing they could corroborate from the Steele dossier was that Carter Page had traveled to Moscow to deliver a commencement address at a university, which was already a matter of public record, and that but for the dossier, there would not have been a FISA court warrant at all. FBI agent Peter Strzok, who had been leading the FBI’s investigation into Trump, told his mistress prior to joining the Mueller investigation that he was a afraid there was ‘no big there there’ on Trump campaign-Russia collusion. And Steele himself, in a libel suit over the dossier in the UK, said the dossier ‘did not represent (and did not purport to represent) verified facts.’ Also, per the testimony of Fusion GPS CEO Glenn Simpson, Steele never traveled to Russia himself and may not have even personally interviewed his sources, instead relying on go-betweens. In the end, nobody confirmed Steele’s sources, including apparently Steele himself. Not Simpson, not the FBI which used the dossier to get the spying warrant.

Now that President Donald Trump has moved to #ReleasetheMemo, Congress must stop the illegal spying. This could be the greatest constitutional crisis the nation has faced since the Civil War, and the next year must be spent cleaning up this mess to ensure that the American people’s constitutional rights against illegal searches are restored. The politicization of the Justice Department, FBI and intelligence services is unacceptable in a free society and safeguards must be put in place to prevent this from ever happening again.


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Apr 20th, 2018
Mike B. from Garden City, NY writes:
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If Donald Trump was not elected president,by the American people, our country would have become totally, Animal Farm. Lets take our country back. God Bless America !!
Apr 20th, 2018
Andrew B. from Pine Plains, NY signed.
Apr 19th, 2018
SHARON S. from Barnhart, MO writes:
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It's pretty sad that we don't know who to trust anymore in the United States of America.
Apr 14th, 2018
Anita A. from Livingston, TX writes:
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Congress is Out of Control and must be STOPPED!!
Mar 28th, 2018
Someone from Fayetteville, GA writes:
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Gov't Agencies must STOP lying to the Citizens and Congress, along with STOP the Un-Constitutional Spying!!
Mar 23rd, 2018
John R. from Elkton, MD writes:
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Just drain the swamps, the Senate and FBI ruthless power mad people!
Mar 19th, 2018
Clair C. from Holiday, FL writes:
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It's also time to charge and prosecute all involved in every agency or position they may hold , who tried and still are trying to undermine this administration . . We also need to get a handle on the lying media that too may brain dead people in this country rely on for information . Just look at how many people blame President Trump and Jeff Sessions for the firing of a dirty FBI agent . McCabe was recommended for termination by a civil service oversight committee not connected to President Trump or Jeff Sessions .
Mar 2nd, 2018
Maria Antonia G. from Orlando, FL writes:
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Illegals voting in our elections must be stopped as soon as possible. Forget about Russia, the illegals are the biggest problem in our nation. The money spent in them must be used to fund the WALL. We must have a responsible way to monitor who comes into our country; just as other countries do . For example MEXICO. Try to get into Mexico illegally and see what happens to you. you.
Mar 1st, 2018
Someone from Banks, OR writes:
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Obama interfered with Israel's election....Why should we expect other countries not to follow our example. Collusion isn't even a crime under the law....Why are we investigating it instead of the Illinois (dems) registering illegals to vote
Feb 15th, 2018
Cynthia S. from Hastings, NE writes:
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Why keep the mechanism for illegal activity?