Thank Sen. Lindsey Graham for moving the Amy Coney Barrett nomination—before the election!

Judge Barrett will uphold the Constitution and rule of law

Thank Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, for moving the Amy Coney Barrett nomination so quickly in the Senate Judiciary Committee! Graham and Senate Republicans are on target to get President Trump's choice on the Supreme Court, Judge Barrett, confirmed before Election Day!

Rapid confirmation of Judge Barrett should be relatively easy for the Senate Judiciary Committee and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) to get through this year — before the election. The first hearings have been set for Oct. 12, leaving more than enough time to complete the process by the end of October.

JudgeBarrett, who currently serves on the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals, clerked for the late Antonin Scalia and shares his textualist philosophy of constitutional and legal interpretation. Barrett is a highly qualified jurist, and also one of the nation’s foremost legal minds on the Constitution — and on upholding the meaning of its words in federal courts. 

In her review of Randy Barnett’s “Our Republican Constitution,” Barrett outlined a strong defense of originalist interpretation of the Constitution and of the law, urging the basis for originalism and textualism has less to do with judicial restraint than with deference to the supreme law of the land, the Constitution: “The Constitution’s original public meaning is important not because adhering to it limits judicial discretion, but because it is the law. And because it is the law, judges must be faithful to it.”

What higher calling is there for a judge to fulfill? The rule of law is the cornerstone of constitutionally limited government, without which arbitrary and tyrannical rule could quickly take root. Barrett will safeguard the Constitution and the rights and liberties of all Americans.

A rapid confirmation process makes all the sense in the world for Senate Republicans and President Trump. Leaving the confirmation up in the air would be used by the opposition Democrats to drive voting turnout against the President, whereas getting Barrett seated before the election leaves no mistake that Trump’s greatest legacy on the judicial branch is to leave the Supreme Court with a solid constitutionalist majority — the way it should be.

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