Urge Congress To Update Family Movie Act To Protect Family Rights!

Update Family Movie Act To Protect Family Rights!

Since the original Family Movie Act, the way we watch movies has shifted from DVD’s to streaming services, like Netflix, Amazon, etc. Four Hollywood studios—Disney, Twentieth Century Fox, Lucasfilm (owned by Disney) and Warner Bros.—have seized this opportunity to once again attack the family filtering industry, filing a lawsuit against the leading filtering service for streamed movies. As a result, filtering for streamed movies is currently unavailable in spite of the FMA.

In addition, it was recently revealed that the Directors Guild of America (DGA) and the studios have included clauses in their contracts with streaming services that prohibit the filtering of streamed movies. As a result, Google—which was at one time supportive of filtering—made its YouTube movies off-limits to filtering. Similarly, in September of last year Google Play changed its code to make it impossible for the DVD filtering company ClearPlay to provide filtering for new movies.

If Disney and the other studios can stop filtering for streaming, they can essentially wipe out the future of the industry. The proposed update to the Family Movie Act defends the rights of families to choose to watch filtered movies streamed to their homes. Moreover, it protects this right against studio interference, as long as the authorized content is legally rented or purchased through authorized channels, such as Netflix, Amazon, iTunes, etc.

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